Real Materials series for Cryengine: FAQ & documentation

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Q: How to import your material to my scene? There is only *.pak file!
A: Just place this *.pak file to "Assets" folder of your project and restart editor - after that material will be avaliable (inside Material Editor use "Search" function for material name; usially my metals located in "Assets/materials/metals" folder, wood in "Assets/materials/wood" and so on).

Q: How to apply your material to my model inside Sandbox editor?
A: If your model has only one material:

Don't forget about final tweaking of material via first (diffuse) slot were scaling and offset can be changed for best possible look on target model. For different objects with different scaling/offset settings you can duplicate material (Ctrl + D or right clich on material for menu with that option) and set these params individually for each copy.

If your model has more than one material - use copy & paste ability for materials/sub-materials:
Note that in first release version of Cryengine V (5.0.0 build 191) copy & paste of materials is ruined (you need to restart editor to get rid of white-looking appearance of copied material).

Q: What UV denstiy is optimal for your materials?
A: For best results one meter on your mesh must be equal one UV tile (in that case you can just apply any of my materials to mesh and get correct result). For easing UV setup in each material asset you bough there is additional "uv_density_checker" material (located in same folder as main material), just apply it to target mesh and scale UV coordinates util 10cm/1m helpers on texture will look like themselves in your world:

All this stuff can be confusing on first look, but just try this once and you are in.

Q: Metal materials looks awesome on yours screenshots, but in my scene they looks poor. Why?
A: Check second answer here (four point check-list - it's for Blender Cycles render, but principals is same) plus don't forget to correctly place some Environment Probes in your level.

Q: I have anower problem/question - how i can contact you?
A: Use e-mail from spam-protected image at bottom right of this page. My answer will be placed here to help someone else too.