Real Materials documentation [v3.0 from April 2019]

Here are some useful links:

Useful tips for metal materials usage:
  1. Rich & contrast environment reflections are the key for the good look of the metal surface. Example - same material, same mesh and only environment reflections are different:

  2. Strong highlights from light sources are needed for proper metal look&feel:

  3. Bare metals looks poor on large flat surfaces. Bends and other geometry details are needed to improve situation:

  4. Colored metals (brass, copper, gold) can't reflect blue color and become dark. Example of this with overcast sky VS default clear blue sky:

Minimal supported Unity version for "Real Materials" series is: To use "Real Materials" with previous versions of Unity create empty Unity 2017.4LTS/2019.1 project and import a proper "Real Materials" package. Then close Unity and copy "Real Materials" folder from there to your old Unity project. This way was tested on:

How to convert materials from "Real Materials Light" package to support HDRP or Standard rendering pipeline: